Help with Ethics

Hello everyone, I am on my 5th practice exam and the ethics are what has been burning me. Even when I am pretty certain I know the answer, every tiny detail counts and I end up not scoring as high as I want on them.

Does anyone have tips on how to deal with the ethics questions? They are certainly very different from the other questions.

to get 100% of the ethics questions correct out of ~40 between morning and afternoon would have to be luck. it is meant to be tricky. memorizing the code of ethics and (titles) of the 7 standards + sections is suggested and might be worth an extra point of two.

actually reading the Standards in original format (not schweser notes) helped me… what got me over was “mastering” the GIPS details… because you can be very confident it will come up on the test and you can make it easy points…

the link is to a public PDF version of the standards offered by CFAI

Thank you, for sharing!

Thank you I appreciate it, I am at work printing it as we speak!

And I agree on the luck, sometimes I’ll just get a couple wrong, other times I will get 5-6 wrong.