Help with link

I know there’s a link to a past level III discussion about the short-answer AM part of the exam and how it’s graded, and tips for it and all, for people who have been filling in bubbles for the past two years. I’ve seen many people post it. But the link never works. So, does anybody have a working link? Thanks!

OK, I’ll take that as a “no” and just ask if anyone has tips, knowledge about how this section is graded, conspiracy theories, etc. Hate to ask for this to be recreated, but it’s probably the topic I’d find your advice most helpful on. For example, at a local CFA event I was sitting with two people who had done level III grading and they both said they wished people had told them that a long-winded answer was not necessary, that all they needed was bullet points. Thank you!

This one? (post by jcole):,1188908,1189520