help with resume!!!

hello guys Im studying for lv3 in June and applying for a job. My resume is completely pathetic, my only achievement is that i passed lv1 and 2. i have zero work experience, although i did intern at a couple of Taiwanese investment companies. Please help me to make my resume look better! Objective: Junior Financial Analyst Education: September 2002 to December 2005 Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration University of California, Riverside Emphasis in Finance Major GPA: 3.85 Selective achievements: • CFA 2008 level 3 candidate. • Chosen to be a teaching assistant for an advanced finance course, led study sessions for 20 or more undergraduate students for 1 semester. • Graduated with Magna Cum Laude • Elected as the Vice President of Investment Club in UC Riverside. • Excellent comprehension of Finance as demonstrated by a 3.9 GPA in finance classes. • Member of Dean’s list 7 times • Member of The International Golden Key Society for being within the top 15 percentile of all UCR students Experience: June to November 2006 English Instructor Global Village Organization o Taught classes of 30+ students proper pronunciation and grammar. o Educate students on carrying basic conversations in English. o Designed challenging homework assignments to better improve students’ understanding of English. 2002 ~ 2004 Teaching Assistant University of California, Riverside o Led discussion sessions that consisted of more than 20 undergraduate students for an advanced finance course. o Appointed homework assignments and assisted the students to solve problems. o Facilitated the professor by helping the students to better comprehend the material. Basic Skills • Fluent in both English and Mandarin. • Excellent skills of leadership and multiple project management abilities. • Experienced in teaching. Activities:  Vice President, Investment Club. o Led discussion sessions on fundamental and technical analysis of 30+ members. o Solely responsible for developing a contact-base for networking with alumni and professionals in the finance industry. o Recruited, trained and motivated members to better understand and perform as future officers.  Fundraising Coordinator, USVH Hospital Volunteer o Contacted various organizations and suppliers for donation. o Organized events on and off campus for contributions.  Member, Toast Masters. o Delivered speeches o Evaluated others on their speeches o Directed the flow of the meetings. References: Available Upon Request

perhaps you should take some initiave and search the general forum. lots of posts and recommendations there. Some you could certainly incorporate into your resume. However, if you can explain how responding to your post will help me pass the LIII, then i will certainly provide a critique of your resume. otherwise, don’t waste my time until you’ve done the searching yourself.

Look dude, your resume needs more than a critique – it needs an overhaul. You need to develop resume building skills. Try this link:

This resume is good if you’re applying for a par-time teaching position at your local community college. Take out any thing related to teaching, it’s not relevant as far as your future employer is concerned. Try to develop some software skills that can be useful to your target employers , list any relevant projects you have worked on during the internship, what kind of contributions did you make … be specific. finally reformat the whole thing and good luck.

Format: -Your bullet points are not in agreement (some are verbs while some are descriptions) -word choices are not exactly the best for a resume -redundancy (yes we know you’re the VP of investment club, and you have a 3.85 GPA, why waste precious space to repeat something?) Some tips, in my opinion only. -Keep the teaching jobs, but emphasize how it improved your presentation skills (standing in front of x number of skeptical spoiled english students in Taiwan is intimidating) and communication skills (teaching foreign language) -Add more meat to the investment club activities. -Why didn’t you include the experience in the Taiwanese investment companies? Have you tried looking for a job in Taiwan? It might be easier to leverage your experience and US education back home.

thank you guys, the tips have been extremely helpful.

Why do you want a job? I have worked for a number of years and I’m not sure why?

you might want to add more to your objective …