Has this happened to anyone before? I got to the point that my mind went completely blank on everything. I read a question or some text and it makes no sense to me. I feel that i forgot everything I learned and im starting to enter into full panic mode. I read a question at first it doesnt make sense and then after a while i dont even know how to approach the problem to solve it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I dont know what i should do for the last day before the exam. Please any advice would be helpful

take some time off. watch a movie, go outside. excercise.

start again tomorrow morning

I had this happen to me 2 days ago. I was doing a mock and I just started panicing! Forgot info. I had no idea why. And then, I started panicing BECAUSE I was panicing!

I stopped the mock exam after getting an hour in. I went for a walk. I went to a coffee shop outside the library and had a huge chocolate Oreo, cheesecake (lol). And then I was fine.

You’ll be fine too. :slight_smile:

I had this exact same thing happen to me yesterday night. Was doing an Analyst Notes mock exam and had a very poor score after (55%)…thought that I was doomed big time. Today it’s better again…im just taking it relatively easy today to be well rested for tomorrow.

Good luck everyone

take a break…relax…its just an exam…

take some rest, you just are too stressed. Take one day off work and you will feel better

When studying for the CFA level 1 exam, I remember having a mini panic in the library once. It was around 3-4 month before the exam, but the thought that I remember was “I’ve put in so much hours and I can’t remember anything…”

That day I stopped studying. I then reviewed my study plan and I realized I was being very inefficient with my time doing tons of reading without playing to my strengths which was being an active learner (moved more to videos, EOC questions and lighter reading).

Just keep on plugging away if you are happy with the plan, you will get there…

For me consistency in studying was the key. You can take a short break but I strongly believe that if you are consistently studying, you would be fine.

I never studied one subject for long continuously. If I studied Fixed Income for 2 days then I will also study Equity or Economics for next 2 days. It helped me to keep up the momentum and avoid the monotony with studying the same subject for long.

This is exactly right. from the “oh sht I don’t remember jack” to realizing you need to hit questions fast. think of getting questions wrong as learning opportunities. don’t think of it as “oh F in screwed”. and just keep soaking up whatever you can