My gf dumped me 2 days ago and focusing on CFA is becoming impossible :frowning: What should I do???

couldve been worse. You could have overslept for Level3, forgot your exam ticket or lost your id…

I’m thinking of dumping mine because she won’t let me study. GF’s will come and go, but the CFA will be around you forever…as long as you pay your annual dues and sign a PCP.

she couldn’t wait another 2 weeks??? my advice - move on

I’ve already got my letters; what’s her #?

MrDonadei Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My gf dumped me 2 days ago and focusing on CFA is > becoming impossible :frowning: > > What should I do??? advice from a woman: try play hard to get for the next few weeks … women are curious why men dont call them back. by that time you have stayed focused on your studies, sat the exam and then decide if she is worth pursuing …

Force yourself to go find someone else.

Don’t worry, she’ll come back… they always do. In the meantime… just STUDY!

Send her the link on what CFAs make on average… and tell her you are going to spend that uber-wad of cash on someone more deserving… then go study… You may have just dodged a bullet my friend - we’ve all been there! And later you think “WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?”

Yea, if she did that two weeks before the exam she wasn’t the one… You will be better off. I know its tough now, but just think about all the girls you’ll get to mack on June 7th

How comes we never hear stories of when a girl’s boyfriend drops her because she is doing the CFA?

Cause Men are rational

Because the women that take the CFA tests are usually pretty dang smart and less emotional - they can stand on their own and don’t need a man to complete them… anyone want to buy that Politically correct schpiel? Oh, that and there are only like 4-5 of them per 1000 men… ;-D

Mr.Good.Guy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Cause Men are rational Level 3 should suit women then, since it’s more behavioral and less rational :slight_smile:

Thanks guys (and girls) :slight_smile: To add another detail, Tuesday is my birthday… her timing skills are absolutely great… so difficult to focus now…

that’s brutal man. I’ve been kind of sick the past few days…sometimes very, sometimes not so much. It’s really back and fourth. Anyways, I have found that I can still get things done by studying an hr, and then breaking. Obviously your problems are emotional then physical, but I’d try something like this. Don’t try and burn 3 or 4 hrs away at once, you prob can’t concentrate that long at this point. Just pick away. It may not be optimal, but this is why we studied earlier in case s*it like this happens. Above all else, don’t panic. Good luck my friend. Your too good for her anyways!

sorry dp