Help !!!

OK…I think I may have screwed up or something… I was taking Mock exam 1 couple of days ago on the CFA website and all of a sudden my browser shut down (damn you microsoft)…but I didn’t get back to it until today just so that I can continue where I left off. But now I am not able to access my exam anymore. It says that on the dash board I can select and continue my exam but I am not able to click on it and all it says is incomplete. WTF…pls. help !!!

take a breath… now email testtrac (emails on the test page) and they will fix it.

I’ll do that…also I am considering purchasing one of the mock papers 2 or 3…are there any differences in them? Also, are they worth it?

I thought there were only 2 mock tests to be purchased…am i missing sth here?