I am currently reading the last book of SCH notes. And i will take 2 weeks off to concentrate on my study from next week. Is it still possible for me to pass? Do I need to do all the sample exam questions?

it will certainly help alot by seeing some CFAi questions. to gain familiarity with the CFA testing methods you should do the 3 CFAi samples + 2 CFAi mocks. thats 420 CFai questions that will really help to prepare you well, and will be a well spent $180. also, check out the free ethics sample on the cfa site:

Sorry, can you tell me what is CFAi? Is it the CFA institute on line samples? is CFAi samples the same as schweser practice exams? thanks

CFAi = CFA institute CFAi samples are different than schweser practice exams (CFAi samples are on the CFAi website and Schweser practice exams are from Schweser)

Thanks for your help!