I don’t think i have a chance to pass this June exam. I feel like I’m behind in a lot of things. The biggest areas are FSA and Fixed Income that I’m having trouble with. But on top of that, I don’t feel too comfortable with the other areas. I started to study early and took a course (which was excellent btw), but i have no one to blame but myself. I just didn’t put in the time. Having said that, I have this month off. I’ve gone over EVERYTHING at least once (well, almost twice). If you were in the same situation, what would you do? You studied everything already. You have the month off. How many hours would you study a day? What would you do to be exam ready? I’m going to write the exam for SURE. But my confidence is through the floor. Any constructive feedback would be good. Thanks!

This is as it should be at this time of the month (28 days left). Start working those problems now and if you don’t yet have access to practice exams or mock exams you must fix that now.

Have you done a mock exam? That’s the best way to judge your progress

I’ve done one mock exam so far. Going to do 2 more today and then one every Saturday from now on. From the one mock I did, I got around 45%.

to improve your mock scores,read the solutions and understand where you went wrong and why .review those weak areas .solve cfai eoc for those. then do the next mock. Simply doing more mocks won’t help.

You can pass L1 if you put in a superman effort this May. If you’re off from work then dedicate the next month of your life to passing this exam. Focus on your weakest areas first. If you’re crushing a certain section then don’t study it again. I wouldn’t take another mock for at least two weeks. It’s not worth the opportunity cost of not studying for 6-8 hours since you already know that you’re under the passing score by a good amount.

^^ Agree with chuck, if you have only read the material once, its not worth your time doing mocks, use schweser btw, for level 1 schweser will do everthing you need. Its the second or even third read that will really drive concepts home, 1 read wont do much for you. Do practice questions after every few readings’s, then mocks in maybe 2 weeks, assuming you work like a dog for the next 2. Trust me the exam is not hard by any means, its just the high passing mark Heres what I suggest you do, read material for half the day and do questions for the other half, the questions you do on a certain day, should be based on the readings you have done on the preceding day

Thank you very much guys and girls!! I have nothing to do this whole month but CFA. I have a study plan for the month, but I should do what pedpenny is saying. Do review in the morning, then questions for the afternoon. 27 days * 8 hours of study is a lot of study time. I think I’m need to put in QUALITY study time more than anything. Thanks again, I’ll let you know how it went!! :slight_smile: