Help !

Hi All, I almost 1 month and a half far from CFA exam (counting 2 weeks revision) and I still have 3 books from Schweser not achieved yet : FRA , Derivative and Ethics/MQ…I am doing both practice question for CFAI and shweiser and starting to panic !! is it theorically possible ot finsh these three books in one month and a half ?! any idea would be more than welcome…

I am planning to take a week off to catch the delay…

Thanks in advance for sharing your advices and experiences !

Do you have any finance background?

You left some big categories for the end.

You don’t say when you started studying, so we don’t know how fast you covered the first two Shwesser books. But if you’ve been studying since (say) the new year, then yes, you are moving too slowly.

If June 2nd arrives and you are still reading, then you are likely going to fail. You might consider abandoning the CFAI books and focusing on getting through the Shwesser material.

Thanks for your replies,

Yes I do have a finance background , and I started let’s say in the begining of Feb…I am focussing on Shwesser books only , am doing as well the practice questions of CFAI at the end of each chapter…

It can be done, but you have to be diligent. No slacking at all

Yep, head down, keep pushing.

You may wanna visit

They’ve got excellent video tutorials and a number of them are free. These videos completely explain all topics in very less time.

You can also take free tests , in case you wanna weigh the level of your preparation.

I follow @pathfinance on twitter for prep related tweets everyday and it has helped me a lot, you may try that too.