Helpful advice, hopefully

Alot of people will start to get anxious, worried, or just burnt out around this time. I can’t stress enough how much the online exams from CFAI help, not only with what your weaknesses are, but how the questions are written and their more non-quantative nature than one would think. Don’t skip an entire book just because you think you know it, at least browse each section and the LOS statements…if you are sure you know it then, move on. FSA, equity val., fixed income, and ethics are usually the most difficult. Know cash flows, especially OCF, and how changes in accounts will effect ratios. Memorize the Code and Standards, most are short and not difficult to remember. Know at least the basics on how market interest rates will affect every type of investment. If nothing else, know FSA and Ethics in and out and you’ll do fine. GIPS should be easy points too, they will be on the test. Good luck to everyone, you’re almost done.

Thanks Malnoll

very insightful, thanks for posting.

Malnoll, thanx but lets be a bit specific especially those that attempted in June… For example in addition to that insight above, statistical questions rarely have formulae, as most questions are basically theoretical concetrating on concepts: then a lot of people complained about Corporate Finance… a good number of questions came which were straight forward but due to neglect of the LOS people cried foul. June 07 candidates what else was there i economics also was tricky, i cant remember much…?

Everything was in the test. The parts that would benefit most with concentration are the ones I listed above…in my opinion. People that have been studying hard will have a better understanding of underlying concepts, beyond just the formulas. The LOS statements are perfect if you don’t go through an entire book, or subjects you are familiar with…the LOS will tell you exactly what you need to know.