her milshake brings all her husbands to the grave

life in jail: population - her Hong Kong Jury Finds American Expatriate Nancy Kissel Guilty of Murder . (abbrv.) HONG KONG—American expatriate Nancy Kissel faces life in prison after a jury here found her guilty of murdering her investment-banker husband in 2003. The ruling dashes Ms. Kissel’s chances of securing a release through a retrial after Hong Kong’s highest court early last year threw out her 2005 murder conviction, citing procedural flaws in what became widely known as the “milkshake murder” trial. Prosecutors charged the 46-year-old Ms. Kissel with killing her husband in cold blood, saying she drugged him with a sedative-laced milkshake before bludgeoning him to death with a heavy lead ornament. She engaged in a “cleanup and disposal operation,” prosecutors said, rolling the body up in a carpet and hiring movers to stow the bundle in a storage room near the couple’s apartment on the southern half of Hong Kong island. On the stand, Ms. Kissel said she took responsibility for her husband’s death, but failed to remember details of the event, including putting drugs in the milkshake. Mental-health experts gave evidence attributing Ms. Kissel’s memory lapses, among other things, to post-traumatic stress disorder that arose from years of physical and sexual abuse by her husband. Further, the defense argued Ms. Kissel was provoked by her husband, who Ms. Kissel says was wielding a baseball bat and threatening to take custody of their children in a divorce. Ms. Kissel testified that her husband became increasingly violent and controlling over time, and that he often demanded oral and anal sex against her will. Lead prosecutor David Perry, however, accused Ms. Kissel of lying about the abuse and depression and remembering only the details that suit her defense. Rather than a frenzied, sudden act of violence, he said, the killing and cover-up were planned weeks in advance, amid an ongoing affair with an electrician who lived near the Kissels’ Vermont vacation home. Ms. Kissel’s five-day testimony was frequently interrupted by episodes in which she broke down into tears and at times appeared to hallucinate seeing her dead husband. The outbursts drew a mixed reaction from the jury, some of whom looked concerned and others appeared unfazed. Central to the prosecution’s argument was that Ms. Kissel couldn’t show conclusive evidence of the alleged abuse because she never told anyone about it until after she was facing the charge of murder. While she sought treatment for injuries she now claims were inflicted by Mr. Kissel, she didn’t tell her doctors—nor her friends or family—they were the result of forced sex. Police discovered Mr. Kissel’s body on Nov. 6, 2003, four days after he was killed, while investigating a missing person’s report filed a colleague at Merrill Lynch, where Mr. Kissel was the head of the distressed debt team. Ms. Kissel was arrested and charged with his murder soon after the body was found. Immediately after the killing, evidence showed, Mr. Kissel’s body remained in the master bedroom for three days while Ms. Kissel arranged for its disposal, buying new household items to replace blood-soaked ones and sending her two domestic helpers out on errands. She stuffed his body into a sleeping bag that had belonged to their oldest daughter, wrapped that in plastic, and then rolled it up in the living-room carpet. Once she’d secured the bundle with rope and tape, she hired movers to remove it and place it in a rented storage unit. The cleanup, according to the defense, was “frenzied,” unplanned and inconsistent with the prosecution’s claim that she was a calculating, conniving murderer. Rather, Mr. Fitzgerald argued, it was a frantic reaction by an emotionally unstable woman with no prior history of violence. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704474804576221861474460414.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

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Just tell pimp to be careful, and stay away from milkshakes.


No one is willing to say the truth, she’s your typical overweight expat wife living overseas and bitter about it.

Actually, she is pretty hot when not in mugshots. http://static2.businessinsider.com/image/4d2db854ccd1d53873070000/nancy-kissel.jpg

^ no way! that looks like a man

Expat wifes are usually hot. Hence their feeling of entitlement.

Wait. So you’re saying 1) expat wives are usually fat, and 2) expat wives are usually hot. I guess it’s cool if you’re into that. I won’t judge.

From now on I’m randomly switching glasses with my wife at dinner.

She might be hot, but not in that picture.

Inner Evil Voice Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > From now on I’m randomly switching glasses with my > wife at dinner. Hahahah nice.