Here are my notes!

Hello everyone!

So, I recently completed my notes, and I thought I’d share them, maybe someone can also get some use out of them. Or maybe not, I don’t know. Could’nt hurt to at least make them available.

So, when I first started making these, I didn’t intend to share them, so there are some weird/stupidly obvious notes in here which may make you question my intelligence. But anyway, here they are. They should at least serve as a good base for some people.

Some text is in blue, which are problems from the book/topic test that I really liked, or are chunks of text from the book that I didn’t feel like typing out. Hopefully it’s helpful to someone!

Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome!

Thank you for sharing! Just out of curiosity, what are the topic tests you are referring to in the blue text?

Thanks a lot.

thanks man your awesome!

The CFA Institute offers topic test for L2 here. Highly recommend them.

Thanks for sharing brother…

Where is the Ethics part?

I got lazy and didn’t do the Ethics section. Apologies!

Thanks for sharing!!

You are amazing! Will come in handy for FI which is giving me issues.

Thanks buddy!!

Ok bro… Do add the ethics when you finish it. Btw I read the ECon part and it didn’t contain the forward rate agreement section

Someone gives you something for free and you complain that it’s not enough?

You’re pathetic.

I wish there were like buttons for posts. I would like 1000x S2000magician’s post. LOL

His notes follow the curriculum pretty closely. I don’t know what you’re studying from but to the best of my knowlege FRAs are not covered at all in the Econ section. Also, you really don’t need any notes on Ethics. Or shouldn’t. The best method to study Ethics is to simply read it.

OP, thanks a lot for sharing your notes. You saved me a large chunk of time.



Generous and well-done

Thank you dymke09 for Sharing.