Here is another benefit of working for GS

Check this out…WTF!

I wonder what the difference is between the $5000 sex change operation and the $150,000 sex change operation?

I guess the degree of change!!

I saw that earlier. It made me sick.

i can imagine that if its a girl to guy operation you’d get more bang for your buck with a $150k operation than a $5k.

Their gym looks amazing too… I wonder what the locker room policy is?

Really a brilliant PR move by GS. Stuff like this could really move them up on the “100 Best Places to Work” list. I’m willing to bet that zero GS employees will take advantage of this benefit.

Newcomers may be interested to apply given such “sexy” benefits.

This thread beat me to the punch. I had to laugh when I saw the news. My angle is to all those who pursue inter office affairs–be careful of office romance because you might end up with an embarassing secret.

The Analyst we are looking to hire actually qualifies for this kind of service at our firm. Willy no

To my understanding, to achieve a complete sex change, it will require several operation. During this “transition” period, man or lady’s room?

I’m not gonna lie, if I find out someone is “transgendered” I would 1.) not hire it or 2.) fire it on the spot if it slipped by HR. Thank God I live in Virginia.

So, one reason GS is doing this is to become more diversified? All you young college students…You really really want to work for GS? Well heres one way to help separate yourself from the other candidates…

If they offer the transgender perk then they don’t have to pay every one as much… Benefits: Dental Health 401k Transgender

One reason to do it: - female-> male op to break through the “glass ceiling” But I wouldn’t want to be working in the office on the floor below this girl/guy if the office had a glass ceiling …!

I think this ridiculous policy will hinder recruiting just as much as help it.

i really don’t think this will affect their recruiting whatsoever.