Here is why mock exams are overrated!

I refused for lvl I and now for lvl II to do mock early and get carried away with it because even by doing 5 or more mocks you can be certain you wont be tested on the entire curriculum.

I usually study the entire curriculum doing EOC and then review once doing EOC again and finally reviewing an entire subject at a time (i.e., Ethics or Econ) and then doing all the EOC for this specific subject (I repeat EOC this time because I do not use a Qbank prep). This gives me a better chance to have covered everythimng multiple time and EOC usually try to cover everything with at least one question.

Finally I dont think you should not do mock this is not what i am saying but they are not what prepare you to do great at the exam. To me they are just a confidence booster or buster and let you know where you stand (with a huge standard deviation though due to the small amount they cover). They alos however can be good at spotting specific weaknesses but again if you have done multiple times EOC or chapters questions blue boxes you probably already have figured out these weaknesses.

I am planning on taking 3 mocks and maybe a sample exam from CFA website but focus will be on mastering and covering the material not on doing well in 120 questions out of 1million possible

I meant i repeat the EOC this many times

I’m in agreement with you. I’m taking 3 mocks leading up to the exam. I use them 1) to be ready for the vignette style of Q’s (but 1 mock is really enough for this), 2)To point out obvious weak areas, and 3) to see where I stand.

I don’t use them to study or learn anything. Although by going over Q’s I got wrong I’m sure I learn, but my intent with them is not as part of the learning process.

This post has me torn. I’ve already done about 4 mocks and was thinking about keeping it going with the mocks… Do you guys suggest going over ALL of the EOC questions again? I’m sure it’s doable, but feel like it would take a boat load of time… My other idea was to go over all my notes again and read Elan 11th hour for the 3rd time. What do you guys think?

Sorry mate I didnt mean to do this by writing this but i just found it crazy when i read people take 7 8 mocks and whine about their score! I think you should do good reviews where you have missed and much quicker where you have done well and do another mock maybe closer to the exam!

agreed that doing mocks too early is a waste. once you are well prepared, they can help a lot in targeting weaker areas and helping realise how to think about certain topics. at this point, all i do is mocks followed by specific review of LOS i get wrong.

So you guys wouldn’t recommend re-doing EOCS? Now that I’ve thought about it, I feel like this wouldn’t be a bad idea. Especially for FRA and Equity, then maybe cherry pick EOCs from the other topics. I have the next 9 days or so to do nothing but study. Feel like that would add a lot of value. Then take the CFAI 2012 mock this weekend or Monday. Thoughts?

I think if you have time then re-doing all the EOCs over the next week is good. If its going to take you 2 weeks to re-do all the EOC’s and then thats the only thing you do leading up to the exam I don’t think thats the best way to prepare.

Thank You Micholien… what u said is right. I just realised about it now… better to master EOC/concept checkers rather than doing too many sets of mock exams…

I just wanted to add a note on what i said. I dont think Mock are worthless I just said they are overrated. If you started studying 6 months ago and have time to do 6 8 or 10 mocks thats great the more questions the better especially fresh questions but again i dont think it will cover everything so reviewing the curriculum is even more important!

doing all the blue boxe examples and the EOC’s are best, because they can ensure you’re hitting nearly all of the material. Mocks can never hit everything

ok yes I agree with all this, but if you do have time, like I started studying last year in october and I’ve done all EOC questions (some even twice), and I’ve done about 6 mock exams. The last week I’m using both these in tandem to really cement concepts plus relate them in the way that the CFAI will ask them.