Here's to Mammas who Passed!!!

Just checked my results. Pass. So grateful to have passed Level 2- I want to send a shout out to all the people on this board who helped me SO much. I’m was a big lurker. Level 3, I promise to contribute more. Also, to those who failed, there are some of you that I thought were a total lock which shows you that luck has something to do with it. I hope you all pass next time around and DON’T GIVE UP!!! Any other Mammas out there who passed today?!!!

Mom to a 5 year old boy. Passed Level 2 and onto Level 3. Am not a very active poster, but not a total lurker either. See you in Level 3.

hey sv. believe we met at Bangkok?. congratulations on the Pass. see you at L3!

i respect those moms who pass. i have worked with very few women on wall street and it is always good to see that “it can be done” thank god. where i took level 1, there must have been 175 guys and 15 women in that test center. oh well, good luck on level 3, mommas

Yep Dsylexic I remember you from Bangkok. Congratulations to you too. See you in L3. You know I had to look twice to make sure I typed your user name right, LOL:)

I have a three year old and know all to well how difficult it is for us moms. On top of a full time job, we are expected to cook dinner, do the laundry, clean the house, etc. My husband is a great helper but I still do the lions share at home. Anyway, cheers to the moms!!!

congrats to moms! i passed too…with 4-yr-old twins. always glad to hear from the ladies–we’re definitely outnumbered. i’ll try to check the board more often on L3. seems like I was doing well to get through the material and practice exams; not much time for posting.

Hey , me too , a mom to 3.5 yrs old, going ahead for the next child during L3 prep. See u all at L3 forum. Good luck!

Smokin’hot, where have you been?? I’ve been here waiting for you. I’m glad you passed, congrats. Now how about that picture?

Smarsh! I kept off the board to keep my anxiety levels lower about passing. Only logged on once I had my results. I’m READY for level 3. Pictures… sorry, I’ll have to keep the mystery alive.

Smokin’hot is back…wow, I got two pieces of good news these week. See you in the L3 forum