Here's to the last day of studying!

For many of us today’s our final day (at least for this year) - let’s make it a productive one. The end has never been closer.

Good luck to all on Saturday…let’s set the curve, huh?

Definitely, let’s set the curve!

Let’s set it for sure. Anyone going to review notes for a 1-2 hours tomorrow? Debating on it in the morning.

I’ll likely set aside a quick slate of time to once more re-write the formulas from my notecards tomorrow, but otherwise I plan to relax and let the brain recover a bit from this 6 month onslaught…

Good luck all!

studying from 9-12 Friday. just notes no questions

Then my normal routine for level 1 and 2

Tv for 3 hours gym for 1

Eat a medium pizza and 2 beers

pass out by 10:30

Shouldn’t we lower so everyone pass. smiley. Good luck everyone, lets just relax tmr so we have energy for the big day.

Good luck to all; its been real! Crush it!!!

happy last study day to all! after almost 6 months of study attrition the end is in sight. good luck to all.

Hoping this to be an end , good luck all

5 years in the making. Let’s slay this beast. Chok dee kap. Bon chance all.

Next stop…GMAT ! Why not !

krazykanuck approves of this.

Good luck everyone, see you after the exam.

Revsiing formulas + GIPS

Last real study day and the hay fever’s so bad I can’t even get through a single vignette. F*** my life.

Good luck to all, I hope you do well… But not too well as I need that curve to do me a favour.

I’ll be getting up at the normal time tomorrow, full morning of reviewing notes and old return calculation questions. Wee afternoon session of ethics and GIPS and then relax in the evening.

beers the night before the exam? Ballsy!

2013 CFA Morning session and PM questions on Friday and then it’ll be rest for the remainder of the day. Already looking forward to celebratory scotch and cigars. cool

I went out drinking the night before Level 1 and I really don’t recommend that to anybody, particularly since I had a 1+hr drive to the test center. But a couple beers never hurt anything besides maybe make you sleep faster.