Here's to the ones that we got Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not! 2020 fallen AF members

To the af members who have left wc! I miss you guys!

A moment of silence for these great contributors. May you always be on the right side of your leveraged trades.

Personally I miss T.urd the most. I hope he reincarnates with a new username.

RIP bchad.

Not 2020, but meh. He was a higher quality contributor than the 2020 list combined.

for best comedic value i miss the ohai sarcasm.
for best analytic value i miss the bs thesis…
for best conservatard i miss the hpr bias.
for most likely to kill me vibes. ■■■■ takes the crown.

i read his note recently like a few month ago. i saved it in my apple docs and didnt even know i had it until i was looking around. it was an interesting read. i was a much different person then. so it was nice to get a new take.

You’re my boy, Blue!!

I think hpr was very misunderstood on WC. I’m almost sure that he was pretty liberal and most of his comments were written tongue-in-cheek to point out the off-the-wall stuff that the Trump administration said and did.

BS left?

they got the rona?

That dude loved Ariana grande and so do I. Ariana grande just got a tiktok. Yum yum.