does anyone else find this interesting, this is the first case that actually went to trial. There are big name lawyers and law firms on each side. A reputable advisory firm is in the midst of it. The hedge fund consortium is in there trying to salvage the deal (i am assuming they were arbitraging this). The personalities on each side are very colorful, this will probably set precedent for the next cycle…dramaaaa http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122091910239912651.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

I have been following this. There is some interesting stuff on “deal book” - i believe it is a part of the NY Times. I think the deal is a no go- the Huntsman’s are negotiating for a larger break up fee than $325MM.

I had a run in with Huntsman once. I freaking hate that company…

The picture from the inside is not very good either. the leadership of the company had an unreasonably high opinion of themselves. I worked for them at one time. Historically the Huntsmans have been very lucky purchasing companies when commodity prices were at their low/ making bargain basement purchases. Though that luck has run out now that the chemical industry is becoming increasingly consolidated (less companies to purchase) and high raw material prices.