Hey Bluey

Is The Pumphouse (name of a bar, not a strip club…) still in darling harbor? I tore that place up in the early 90’s, when I was living in Glebe. If I was taking the exam in Sydney instead of Boston I’d be back at that bar tonight (provided it’s not a parking lot or something now). Good luck -

hey smarshy, yeh pumphouse is still around, never been there though… you reckon its a go-er? so you live in the US now?

I was there in '93, and I had a great time, but I can’t vouch for that bar anymore…it could totally suck now for all I know. I’m from the US (born in Melbourne to American parents and moved to US when I was 3), and I did a semester at Sydney Uni studying, um, beer and Australian women, from what I can recall. I was in Circular Quay the night they announced Sydney would host the 200 Olympics. To this day, I have never partied that hard in my life. You people can throw down.

Um, yeah, that would be the 2000 Olympics, clearly. The 200 Olympics were a LONG time ago.

btw, back in the day, what kind of club was pumphouse? my mates telling me its an rnb joint?