Hey Crablegs

Friggin awesome to see you passed. So happy for you. As expected I didn’t make it, but it makes me feel alot better seeing some of my fave last year L2 buddies are coming up to push me harder next year. Congrats again. You must be pumped.

Big Babbu, I am so sorry for your results. I really am. I wished you had gone to better things than dealing with that thing. Yes, really could not believe it. After 3 yrs of hell, finally something positive. I can’t wait to go home and thank my wife & kids for putting up with this and asking them if that’s okay that I keep on going. I truly hope that one day all of this will pay off. Sometimes I wonder. Thank you for the kind post and for all the good advice I got from you. I can tell you honnestly that if it wasn’t for you, I would have given up last year. Crab

It sucks today, but the sun will come up tomorrow and I’ll move on like I have with the other levels. This damn program just doesn’t fit my life, but I’ll finish it no matter what. I know you are in a fairly similar situation. I’m sure your family will be stoked for you and that’s awesome. I was totally convinced on the weekend that I had failed with that links issue and it looks to be totally correct. I told the wife then and they were already behind me for next year, even though I was p!ssed to have to put them through it again. Come November I’ll be ready to go again. Right now I’m concentrating on training for a 30KM trail race in mid October. You can bet alot of frustrations will be crushed killing myself for that thing.

Best of luck for the race. Holly sh… 30KM? I can’t even go up the stairs at work…