Hey Deep?

Did you get to Exam 1 today? I’m a bit discouraged - 67 AM, 65 PM. Only good thing is I had lots of time to stare blankedly at the problems I couldn’t answer and try to come up with creative ways to answer them. This will hopefully help me gain 1 or 2 “bonus” points come the real thing! I’ll review tomorrow and get back to business.

I’ve been doing book 6 from last year since the questions are not the same apparently. I scored 65% on the AM and still have not done the PM. Sterling there is plenty of time and it really is a complete different style than concept checkers so I think we can only go up from here :slight_smile: One for sure, they are tricky questions - although some had me looking at it thinking no way it could be done in 3 minutes.

Yeah - I’ll agree with you that the mid-60’s are workable here. Since this is the only thing we’ll be eating, breathing, and drinking over the next 2 1/2 weeks, we should get there. Some questions are pretty tricky and I think with a few more runs, I can put those extra 30-45 minutes to work. I’m really trying to focus on test taking strategy and move along if I see the question requires some thought. Hey, 3 minutes per question doesn’t give us much time to read the vignettes/exhibits! I really hate this exam…