Hey Denver let's hit Twisted Kilt after the test

First pitcher is on me. Who’s in? If you don’t know, it’s a new drinking establishment where ESPN Zone used to be. Details to follow, just let me know if you might drop by and share a brew or two and BS about this lame ass test. PEACE!

hawgdriver, sup girl?

If I was smart, I would have booked my exam in Denver, stayed the night in Boulder, and gone skiing for a few days. Why couldn’t I have thought of this a few months ago.

I guess there is no one in Denver that drinks? That’s cool. I’ll get you a mocktail. Nup: I have balls. FYI But, yeah, I’m sexy. LOL Anyway, I’ll be at Tilted Kilt on 16th and Lawrence after the test, and all are welcome to join. I’ll be the guy standing over a pile of ashes of CFA-books, laughing just *a little* too hard.