Hey guys, I'm back! (new account name)

TLDR: Career switcher leverages CFA L1 material into corporate finance role, comes back after doing CPA and startup work to attack L2 with you all

15 months ago, I posted this https://www.analystforum.com/forums/careers/91346978

My life is totally different now than 2 years ago. The startup I joined is working out. After joining as the Head of Finance, I helped raise $7M in funding, got a 100% bump in salary, and was awarded the most stock out of all the employees. I’ve handled investor relations, run the due diligence, worked with the external auditors, helped the sales team in pitches to F500s (all things I would have never been allowed to do at my old job).

I said I was gonna do my CPA and then come back, and I made good on my promise. For anyone who is curious, I sank in 250 hours of studying to crack 4 sections of the CPA. I notice that the CPA forum I frequented had a very different feel to it. The AFer’s are significantly more intellectually impressive, insightful, and ambitious. I even found an old post by Greenman72 on there and was like “hey I know that guy! He’sh lped me so much” Have already downloaded L2 study materials, scheduled a live mock, and set my mind to doing L2 in June 2018. Am super pumped to be back.

Problem is that I can’t access my old account. The mods never got back to me about my password issue. Oh well, I don’t care if you guys don’t.

Nice job.

Congratulations on your career progress.

Also good to know you don’t care if we don’t.

Congratulations and welcome back! It’s great to read stories like yours.

There’s a Careers forum?

Time flies! Glad it’s all worked out for you man. Welcome home.

very nice. time for BSD pants