Hey Hamada, what QBank are you using again?

I remember you mentioned you were doing a bit of cocktail of 3rd party products: Schweser Notes, Elan Videos, and some other provider for QBank. Can you remind what it was? And was the main reason you decided on this because the questions are in Vignette format unlike Schwesers?

I went with Finquiz qbank, I went with it due to the vignette format. I actually checked it out and they due have a lot of vignette style questions. Either way you get the Schweser qbank with you order. I also went with finquiz because I was able to get a 60% discount. You just have to say you’re a re-taker I think.

I still haven’t gotten to the qbank question. I plan to hit them later though.

people have the wrong impression of the schweser Qbank… yes, a lot of questions are not “vignette” but the single questions are essentially (one paragraph and one question) of a vignette. for understanding a specific formula or concept, the numerous questions drill it down and present it in different formats that could potentially be part of a vignette in the exam… and with that, every topic has “enough” vignette type questions that will keep you busy for some time… that with the schweser EOC / practice exams/ CFAI EOC/ mocks… it is enough