hey, new here.. asking for some advice at starting study

hey, just received my curriculum for the december 08 exam… and have got all schweser notes and the core videos. and i’m from ireland, so if anyone else from ireland in here, let me know… i’m also 20 which has to be as young as you can be to be doin level 1 :stuck_out_tongue: whats my best approach? i’m thinking of getting rid of the financial statement analysis section first… looks rotten. after that, what wud be the best order to cover the books? ya know for informaton learned in one book to help you in another… i’ve jus completed a commerce degree with some stats, econometrics and alot of finance/markets modules so none of the material looks overly difficult so far… just lots and lots of it. so yea, how should i start? what books should i cover first in ye’re opinions? thanks, seems like a really cool forum

from what I’ve heard (from Schwesser), diving into Ethics & Standards first is a great way to start, considering your definitely going to need to go back and re-read/review ethics and standards. I have followed this, and it has served me well so far. Actually, we’re in the same boat…early, early 20’s and have (had) no idea where to start. But don’t take it from me…read the Schwesser office hours blog. I am simply reiterating what what I read there…

I’m often confused by people asking where to start and having no clue whats going on… Dont the review courses make it pretty simple? Start with book 1, end with the end. No??

“Schwesser office hours blog” - have you got a link??

nope… cud u give me the link? thanks… and i dont have review courses or anythin so its not simple to work out the best approach