Hey smokin'hot

Sorry to hear about your results; sadly I’m in the same boat.

BTW, send me an email at nhcfa AT hotmail.com I remember your name, so just put your first name in the subject line…that way I know it isn’t some other AF clown.

This saddens me, I didn’t know this about either of you (I couldn’t make it through the whole results thread). You guys will crush it next year, but I know that right now that’s hardly a consolation. Sorry.

a hug from smarshy WOULD help make it a little better…

Ummm, could I substitute his wife instead of him in the hug offer?

I am also surprised and sad Sponge Bob. It was hard to filter through all the results of people you actually want to know about. Seriously we need to have a lurkers results posting and then a results posting for the ‘regulars’.

I know, I found myself using the search feature to find posts for particular usernames. I wished I hadn’t done this for the “seven years thread” as there was only 1 confirmed pass.

I’m sorry to hear that SB CFA. You’ll kill it next year.

Hey, at least Black Swan won’t be staring at me anymore.

My wife is up for it. No funny bidness though.

Sponge, Smarsh and all the rest- thanks. Such an awesome crew. Look after being upset (failed band 9, and bombed ethics ((WTF kind of exam is this?!!), especially because I passed all of the CFA practice online exams handily) I was saying it wasn’t really fair, etc etc, I am sure I missed passing by a couple of questions, etc. After about an hour of being on that channel- I stopped. And what I decided was to switch to a more positive channel- Everyone fails in life. Failure is an important part of life- EVERYBODY FAILS SOMETIME AT SOMETHING- but not everybody perseveres. And I decided to persevere. With dignity. Hold my head up high and do it again. Because I do want my charter. So I’m not quitting. And I’m going to do my best again. I’m energized for round 2. And also, honestly, I was so so so happy and joyful to see how many of you passed. Hugs, and Love to you CFAs!!! (I’ll meet you there next year)

Oh, and Smarsh I’ll be in Nantucket for Labor day- are you still headed there?

I’m proud of you smokin’ hot (as proud as I can be of someone I’ve never met). You’ve got a great attitude and a great head on your shoulders (and probably a killer body, too, but that’s beside the point). I know you’ll get there, and in the grande scheme one more year don’t mean sh!t. I’ll be in Florida over labor day, but I’m seriouly tempted to change my plans back to Nantucket to meet you. Not sure how to explain that one to my wife and kids though. Have a great time.

hey Smarsh did you get that photo from smokin’ yet?

No. Some BS about not wanting to share photos of herself with some anonymous guy she met on the Internet. Who’s married.

that’s crazy talk