Hey Vickycool

Did you take the 2011 CFAI mock? How did you do and how did it compare in terms of difficulty to other mocks?

Thanks smiley

2011 was easy compared to 2013

That’s funny because I crushed 2013 and found 2011 to be very hard

Bro i am very average candidate. Please ask soem really good candidates here

Hey vicky how much you scored in cfai 2013 mock I found pm the toughest

2013 PM was very difficult. Mid 60% for me on PM. 70% on AM

not given 2013. Seeing others 60 looks tough now

Am was comparatively a better one I realised I missed few about 5-6 pts silly mistakes but pm was a terror for me no doubt…one factor could be I woke up very early at 5 and by noon I had no energy to use my brains

I think I’m in trouble for this exam, Vickycool. I can’t seem to retain anything.

Also to note on I did not find much examples formula in cfai book eg-equities coz I believed before mock that questions would be straight forward