Have you ever tried this - is this stuff good?

Well to my knowledge it’s illegal except for specific medical conditions in the US.

I heard it makes your penis bigger

You heard wrong. Not a known side effect.

Isn’t it also extremely expensive?

I heard it’s the opposite. Or is that roids?

I just heard it had that effect, but it had to be used during your developing years. Allegedly, since its H(uman)GH, it has no side effects such as shrinky dink.

Barry Bonds was on HGH. His skull grew. It is also SUPER expensive compared to steroids. Steroids are pennies on the dollar compared to HGH.

No one on this board needs to be taking any of that crap.

What about me, Blake?

I think there’s different stuff you can buy. Like there’s the super-expensive stuff that is like proper HGH and then there’s cheaper HGH releasers. I was debating buying some HGH releasers last year to see if they work, but never got around to it. I kind of got the feeling like they were a bit of a scam. Any one know anything?