HH question

So I got an email from this head hunter yesterday saying he will get me an interview at one of the big firms, and today I got another email from a different head hunter asking if I had already been interviewed/applied to the same firm. The first one said that he will get back to me, he has already flooded my inbox with emails, but he said it would take around 1-2 weeks to get the interview. How should I respond to the second HH, shall I tell him that I am in contact with another HH who is forwarding my resume to the same firm??

I was in a situation like this before. Best thing to do is to be honest with the headhunter but also let them know your sense of urgency. If the headhunter senses that you mean business, he’s more likely to follow up with you about future leads with a greater sense of urgency. I think our conversation went something like this: HH: “Hi Numi, I’ve gotten wind of opportunity X and feel like it would be a great fit for you. What do you think?” Numi: “I think so as well. Sounds like a very interesting position. However, I wanted to let you know that another HH has already mentioned this opportunity to me. I just wanted to keep you in the loop…hope that’s the right thing to do.” HH: “Oh, that’s too bad…well, thanks for being honest, I’ll keep you posted on other leads.” Numi: “Please do. And just to be frank, this other HH seems to be dragging his feet a little. Considering how serious I am about making a transition, he tells me that I may have to wait 1-2 weeks before meeting with the company. Is this normal? Seems like a long time, but maybe I’m just being impatient.” HH: “No, you’re not being impatient. I know you’re serious about making a move, and it’s too bad that the other HH seems to be dragging his feet. But I hope you know that’s not how we do business here, and I really want to work with you. I’ll work hard on finding other opportunities for you.” Numi: “That sounds great. I think we’re really on the same page here. I look forward to hearing from you.” Best of luck and keep me posted

^^ thanks numi that’s what I just did, I mailed them back saying that I was already talking to some other people regarding this position.