Hi everyone!

I’m about to start studying for level 2 and I was just wondering if anyone has found the Schweser materials, i.e., the qbank, SchweserNotes, etc., useful for studying so far. I’m pretty much talking about the Essential Package. The end of the chapter questions seem pretty comprehensive but I was just wondering what you guys think while you’re actually studying for it. I know I can search for the old posts about how much Schweser helped, but I would rather hear from people who are in the middle of it as opposed to an answer 3 or 4 months after they’ve completed the exam.

riiiiight…so what your saying is…“i’d rather hear from people who think it’s great yet may still fail b/c they didn’t know it skipped out on quite a few bits” etc etc. having used both, i’d recommend CFA books over schweser for the bulk of the course, though schweser is OK for a couple of topics. having said that, you’re welcome to search for those who did use schweser only last year and yes, whilst some did pass, there are alot who didn’t. at a min, just do the CFA EOC Q’s to test yourself.

Well, no I’m not going to use Schweser only. Don’t know where you thought you read that. By “worth it” I mean does it teach the material in a different way or does it just regurgitate what’s in the text. Are the questions in the qbank difficult and teach the hard to understand concepts or are they questions from an elementary text book. Let me rephrase my post then: As a supplement to the CFA texts, does the $600 spent on Schweser provide the user with a benefit which cannot be provide by the official texts? Does Schweser explain concepts better, have better examples, etc.

no,no and no for the questions you asked. only place it gives some relief is when you are hard pressed for time. If time is not a constraint for you - you are better off hitting the cfai books.

Thanks CP

i see… no. actually, get q-bank, it’s useful for quant, equity, deriv’s - any of the calc stuff but as that’s quite minimal…? not sure if that’s even worth it. schweser’s very math’s orientated, though CFA texts are more theoretical. as for using CFA text only, 3months out, don’t know your background but i wish you luck.

I just grinded away another weekend of studying… my eyes are effing bleeding… I am feeling down and depressed. I am filled with self doubt. Popped over to AF looking for something to boost my confidence and to let me know all is not lost… I FOUND IT! Go with the essential package and be sure you get that expressed delivery. It will take 4-7 days by fed ex ground AND I do wish you all the best.