hi guys!

hello my fellow candidates!! hope u are all doing great with the preps.

How many of u will agree with me that CFAI has really saved us lots of stress by reducing the 2013 lev 3 curriculum by 8 readings. 2014 curriculum comes with only 35 rdings. great!

i think that’s quite a good stress burner!

guys can anyone pls email me the schweser flashcards? can’t access it where i am please. thanx a lot guys.

email: harryy02@hotmail.com

go fly a kite

ooh guys i hope that was a joke… rlly need this please! thanx!

thanx “1bigstudmuffin” I Appreciate!!

What you’re asking for retails for $149 and probably doesn’t come as a PDF, but as actual flash cards - it’s not a simple ask. The process of turning those flash cards into something that can be e-mailed to you would be a bitch. Let me be the first to tell you in plain English that it’s going to be hard to find someone around here with enough time to do that for you. Moreover, it’s a violation of copyright laws.

Make your own flashcards - they’ll do more for you anyway.

I foudn the flashcards online OP

here you go: http://www.schweser.com/cfa/level-3/study-materials/

amen to that! I wouldn’t get this chump the dust off my car!

More depth, Less breadth Always welcome

ok. my problem has to do with online accessibility at where i am. but all the same thank you guys. Appreciate!