Hi quick info regarding june and dec 08 exams

Hi guys, I am planning to pass the exams in dec 08… for familly and work reasons, I will need a year… So I am planning to start to study now… What I am wondering is… are the books from the CFA for june 08 will be the same than dec 08… what about kaplan/schwe… are they going to be the same… Any help would be appreciated… thanks thierry

yes, same material

I wouldn’t got as far as to say that the material will be the same. The CFAI always makes changes, albeit sometimes small, to the material every 6 months. Hence, why they continuously print out new study materials.

99.9999% same material then

ummm… not too sure if the curriculum will change or not, but CFA opens the registration for an exam 11 months before the exam, and according to the new system you need to buy the coursework along with the registration. So I dont think the curicullum will be changed once the coursework is distributed. I suggest you should probably wait till February just to be sure and try an get your hands on previous course material just to start warming up.

I’m pretty sure that the LOS (learning outcome statements, or whatever they call them these days) are established only once a year. You should be able to download the info booklets for both exams and just compare them.

Per CFA website, the material is the same.

Material is the same on June/December exams in the same year.