Hi to AF

hey Guys- My name is Adil- I am taking the Level 1 in Dec… Did take in June 08 but did not succeed. I have been browsing this forum for a week now … and It seems there is quite a few helpful topics/people available to help. In June 08 I was full time student and working around 30 hours… but this time I have more time… I had used stalla and their passmaster software were long and not very difficult. I had hear good things about the Qbank is worth buying ? I mean is it better than passmaster? in terms of difficulty/ relevance ? Thank you everyone and Good luck for Dec 08… Let’s go get em’ !!

welcome, i passed in june and thank god for this site. it def helped me clarify concepts… make sure to balance all the CFAI reading and use of this site. Personally speaking, that was key for me. good luck in december

My biggest problem is my retention is pretty weak … I go over stuff, write it down sometimes couple of times… but still I have hard time remembering it … any suggestion how to overcome that… I was thinking to get the flashcards from Schewer … are they of any help ? daj224 congratulation on passing level 1 … was it your first try ? Sure feels good to get this out of the way … dont you ?

flash cards definitely help.