I’m getting my haircut today guys. I’ll let you know how it goes. Don’t forget to ask me tomorrow though.

Me too, in 30 minutes. Don’t ask me about it tomorrow though. I’m going on vacation for a week.

Just did mine this morning.


I cut my own hair. Just a buzz 1/2 inch recently.

Was going to go at lunch today, but got too busy and hope to go tomorrow. Off to Costa Rica first thing Thursday morning!

^ Nice. Tampa for me.

^ You’ll probably have more reasonable temps.

^ And fewer cockroaches. When I visited San Jose CR a few years ago, there were some pretty big cockroaches on the city streets.

Didn’t know this site had an automatic filter…

No one has mentioned the roaches in Trip Adviser. We’ll be in the jungle and then at the beach though, so roaches will probably be the least of our concerns.

The scenery outside of San Jose is great. I remember sitting on a beach on the Pacific Ocean side and being able to turn around to see the spider monkeys swinging through the trees behind me. The volcano (Arenal I think it’s called) and hot springs were also interesting to see. Lots of diversity in a small country.

^ We’ll be staying between the Arenal and Tenorio volcanos for the first few days, then heading to the Nicoya Peninsula for the rest of the trip to enjoy the beach.