High Level review Notes - what is your choices ?

Mantain the real value by practicing AM - Essay is one thing, but you also need to keep growth your asset base by reviewing some notes. What is your 2 primary choice at this stage ?

a. Schweser’s Secret Sauce

b. Schweser Mind Map

c. Wiley 11th hour study notes

d. IFT slide crash course

e. Finquiz Summary

f. Material Focus Level Up Bootcamp

g. Go Study Notes

h. Adapt Prep pdf

i. Marc Coward notes

j. your own notes

k. CFAI Summary

l. others (please specify)

For each options you choose (at least 2 options), justify the reason.

No calculations required (6 minutes).

j. my own notes because they are mine

l. dymke’s summary because

I have my own notes, and I also like the secret sauce and the FinQuiz notes (the whole notes, not the summaries; summaries are useless).

1 point for state my own notes + 2 points for justify the reason

1 point for state Dymke’s summary

your partial marks = 4/6

I think it helps to have 2 or 3 sources. You start glazing over a bit when reading the same thing for the 9th time, but when it’s different but uncannily close you’re awake. GoStudy Cram Notes is very efficient. But I’m finding the IFT Crash Course PDFs (what he shows during the videos) give a bit more of the structure of how each piece fits into a bigger picture.

Have built my own notes 3x now, but keep fiddling with the formatting; stupid obsession. So actually trying to spend less time with them open.


yes, agreed with this.

No one source has actually really superior than others.

you may find IFT/Wiley efficient in some Topics, but you may find Marc/Schweser explain RBSA in more good way (using graph).

I am also make my own condensed notes “summary answers” from all Topic Test CFAI, very helpful.