Higher exam registrations -->> difficult passing criteria

http://www.analystforum.com/042208.shtml In addition to the above article, other factors to affect outcome a) New curriculum distrubuted to each registered candidate b) More laid-off financy people likely to sit for CFA for june, who will destroy the curve. c) Anxiety will almost get better of you any day.

B is a plus.

The final solution is: we must just keeping studying studying studyingggggggg!!!

How is B a plus? Finance people are likely to know answers to half of the questions without even studying. And by destroying the curve, I mean they will make it harder for me to pass.

Pepp, believe me, the fact that one is working in finance does not imply that will pass the CFA. Last year there 15 candidates for a major financial (from the leverage finance department) company went for the CFA L1 and only 3 passed.

I have been in finance for 7 years…along with a BS in it, it doesn’t matter. Maybe if I was an accountant in a different life that would help. I think by the time people were laid off it was too far along into study time…not to mention the CFAi isn’t going to make it harder b/c of that. We are all mutually exclusive.

^ Right. Just learn the stuff and you will be fine.