highest/lowest 40/60/80 pass/fall?

what were the highest and lowest 40/60/80 pass/fails (that went against intuition) that people have seen?? i remember level 2 they probably low-mid 70’s (fail) and low-mid 60’s (pass)… anyone see these this time? i think i’ve seen 68.5 fail so far. but haven’t checked the big thread. seemed like tons of people passed with high 60’s

I’ve done a summary of the min and max bands to vent off steam: (%s using the 40/60/80 rule) Band 6: Halberstram (59.5%) - me (61.5%) Band 7: rc (61.9%) - NJLVLIII (62.7%) Band 8: tkchunc (62.4%) - Haiku (64.6%) Band 9: tibwa (61.3%) - anuj_oct (66.6%) Band 10: Pinto11 (63.6%) - drs (67.7%) Pass (Note 1): R24X7 (64.4%) (Note 2) - plyon (77.2%) Note 1: After page 1 of this thread, I stopped counting every single pass as I was getting a lot of them Note 2: R24X7 is a bit of an outlier in my info. the next set of passes are around the mid-67% range (lxwqh, Corrupted, Scouser_in_HongKong). http://www.sendspace.com/file/1y7i81

did mcleod ever post? mcleod81??

monki passed with 62.1% – see 40/60/80 thread page 2 However, I think the calculation is somewhat broken. E.g. almost everyone (or at least lots of folks) got <50 on Individual 9. What this means is Invididual 9 score is probably counted very differently – distribution is very much non-normal. As soon as someone gets a good statistics (and cfasuccess.com used to do precisely this) true weights can be estimated.

if everyone did badly on indy 9, doesn’t that mean their scores would be very similar?

Yep. Now say 90% of takers failed this question – this also means 90% of takes results are very close to average, so you shouldn’t assign 40% to their score here but should adjust it a bit. And those 10% who did better can claim not 60/80 but 75/95 (I’m taking numbers out of thin air). Through in couple of other questions where most people failed/nailed, and you get different scores.

band 10 - 67% based on 40-60-80 calc. for me…

in L2 last year, you could almost eyeball which were the key sections. haven’t noticed as much this year.

mine is 67.17% pass