Highlighting and keeping forever the official curriculum as an ebook

Hi. I’m going to sign up for the CFA in december in order to have more time to study so I want the most complete material, which I hear is the official curriculum, in order to maximize my chances and learn more (at least in the parts more useful for my career). I hate studying with physical books so I’m looking for ebooks which I can highlight and keep as a reference for the decades to come.

Therefore, my questions is if I can buy (or get for free if legal) the 2016 official curriculum:

  1. Before I sign up for the december exam.

  2. In a ebook format which I can highlight.

  3. In ebooks which I can download and keep forever.

Thanks in advance.

PD: If this questions have been answered before please just point me to the link.

  1. You can sign up for the December 2016 Level 1 exam now. Registration is already open and you can pay the lowest possible exam fee (USD 650) if you register by 16 March. Note you will also have to pay CFA Institute a one-time ‘program enrollment fee’ of USD 450, in addition to the USD 650 exam fee. Link below breaks down the fees and registration deadlines.


  1. The exam registration fee above already includes the ebook version of the curriculum. If you want the hardcopy as well, you will need to pay an additional USD 150 plus any shipping costs (where applicable).

  2. The 2016 ebook curriculum will be accessible until Dec 2020 (5 years) - so unfortunately, not until death do us apart ! :slight_smile:

See the below link for specific features of the ebook:


All the best with your preparation !

Thanks for your answer Iampossible. In your link I read that the book could be downloaded. The 5 years limit means you cannot download it anymore or that the downloaded version in your pc won’t work anymore? Btw, is there any way to get the book in another format, such a text pdf? A classmate told me he has the materials in pdf but they are scanned so you cannot copy the text or highlight it.

Yes, I think the 5-year limit means that you can access it “online” for 5 years.

The good news is whatever you download to your PC is yours to keep forever :slight_smile:

“eBooks are made available with a perpetual license so they remain available to you for future reference, but perpetual ongoing access refers only to the downloaded VitalSource eBooks and do not apply to the online access.”


To the best of my knowledge, it isn’t possible to get the curriculum in pdf format.

Vital Source seems to have a “printer friendly” version for the Wiley CFA Study Guides where you can actually navigate pages using either the side scroll or your mouse wheel (similar to a pdf). The CFA Institute curriculum is yet to adopt this form of the ebook - not sure if they have it for the 2016 version, but it wasn’t there for the 2015 one.

Hey I’m not sure if you made your decision yet. I got the ebook version and it’s a nightmare. The VitalSource Bookshelf runs REALLY slow (takes about 5-10 min to load all of the highlights I made and I’m only page 50 of book 1). In addition, the app becomes non-responsive after every command I made. And remains non-responsive for at least 10 seconds, during which time I can’t even read as the page goes blank.

And I tried to print from the desktop version of the app. Of course it freezes. I can only print off from the Browser version with no highlights.

(Background info: I installed this app on two Windows 10 PCs and two apple devices, iphone and ipad. The exeperience has been the same on all platforms.)

1.order hard copies , u can’t read for a long time in front of computer or any device, make u sick and don’t want to read anymore. Moreover, have many things in hand give more confident for me.

2.print all note that u found

3.print all the mock and problem that u found too