I have recently realized that I carry a lot of excess weight with me and since due to an injury I dont compete in boxing/Muay Thai any more I havent trained in the last 9 months.To cut the long story short I have started to train with HIIT method regarding my after weights cardio in the gym for the past week,It has only been 3 sessions of weights&cardio after the long 9month rest ,I personally feel that HIIT training is more of a trend and hype .

Anybody has any actual weight loss with HIIT ?I know its more of what you eat than how you train but it should make some changes.


Boxing? Muay Thai? ROFL

HIIT for me is not about weight loss. For me it was about training my lungs/heart to perform under stressful conditions and then train it to come back to relaxed conditions at the earliest.

Personally for me, it has been of great benefit. At the same time, I am not half as fit as most of the folks in the forum here. But my stamina has definitely increased after I started doing HIIT once a week and I found this plan from runnersworld.com

Good luck.


HIIT works. You have to push yourself until you feel like you’re going to die. Then you get results.

Losing weight is about cutting calories. Whatever cardio you do is a nice bonus, but weight loss starts and ends in the kitchen.

Cut down to about 1,500 calories a day. Try to burn 300-500 through cardio. You’ll shave 2-4 lbs a week. It’s science.

Well, if you burn 500-1500 calories in the gym it is more than just a bonus, but I agree that the major component is food intake.

Diet is more important to weight loss than the gym. It’s not rocket sorcery.

its a lot easier (even for a fat guy like me) to forgo 1500 calories of food than to burn 1500 calories by working out.

lol 1500 calories is one meal at half the restaurants in America whereas that would be at least 2-3 hours of hard cardio unless you are an Olympic swimmer or something. Almost anything that tastes good is fat as f–k.

Burning 1500 Calories via working out is no easy task.You cannot keep on going burning this amout for a long time ,your body cannot keep on taking this beating.

^ Then get more disciplined with what you put in your mouth. It’s all about intake and outake.

the beat never stops bro Image result for beating gif

There’s this HIIT program called Freeletics (popularized in youtube by a few German fat guys who lost weight doing it). You basically do 150 reps each of burpees, body-weight squats, and mountain climbers (and a bunch of other body-weight exercises) with no rest between sets. I did it a couple years ago. It’s pretty effective for losing weight. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have some muscle mass and just need to cut to look better because it causes muscle loss as well (especially if your diet sucks).

I like HIIT when im on the road and only privy to some hotel gym. here’s an example of a routine which is kind of similar to what tactics is mentioning.


Yeah, I typically lose muscle mass when I overdo it in HIIT. But lately, I’ve been doing a couple hours of high intensity training per day and my muscle mass is going up. My calorie intake is lower, weight up, speed is up, and endurance is up, so it seems like I am in fact becoming a cyborg. I don’t know how this is possible at all. It has been a strange journey this past month. There is a much longer story to all of this, but its real odd. Related image

That is a pretty intense workout! (Especially if truly with no rest?!?!) How often would you do something like that?

That is a pretty intense workout! (Especially if truly with no rest?!?!) How often would you do something like that?

With HIIT, if you want to maximize muscle growth/ retention and also get more lean, I would do higher intensity intervals at closer to max efforts and take longer recoveries between intervals. No matter how you slice it, these sessions are highly anerobic…meaning you are not burning fat (an energy system which need oxygen to run). Any fat burning is coming in the time after the session when metabolism remains high and fat once again becomes a main energy source. That will remain the same regardless of how you set up your intervals/ rest.

With longer recoveries, your sets can be more maximal efforts which will stimulate more like a resistance training session rather than an endurance interval session.

HIIT is quite popular among my friends. Personally, I prefer to eat less or go for yoga or a run.