hilarious deadlift fail!

must be a crossfitter. look at that weak form. shoulders rolled forward, no hip opening at the top. what a zip.


Her grip is too deep in the hand as well. Is that a weight belt under her boobs?

I hate the Rogue crossfit weights. They so ridiculously oversized like those plastic sand filled weights to make the hipsters think they’re doing big work.

the weights are the same circumference so you’re always lifting from the same height off the floor regardless of weight. anyway i was being facetious. the fact that this lady is even in a free weight area at age 78 is impressive.

Yes, but the 25s are still far wider than they need to be at that diameter. As are the 45s

but it looks so cool when you can drop the weight from the top of a lift! not sure that’s advisable with steel plates.

when crossfitters deadlift, their backs remind me of a scared cat


Drake got this old lady. All back baby