Hillary Clinton's 10,000% Return!!

I’m not all that into politics but I stumbled across this and have never heard anything about it, which is shocking all things considered. Apparently, Hillary turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 in less than a year by speculating on cattle futures lol. Apparently someone modeled out the probability of such a return during that period and the odds were 1 in 31 trillion! Even though it occured 37 years ago I find it interesting that I haven’t heard anyone in the media speak about it. There’s been a lot of focus on Trump’s wealth relative to investing in a index fund. so I thought this would allow for a humorous juxtaposition. I can see Trump bringing this up in a general election debate lol.

Has anyone heard about this before?


Cattle futures speculation? I’m not surprised. Cows like her know where their own kind is headed.

A billionaire speculating with $1,000 on futures? I call B.S.

^^she wasn’t always a billionaire (she is a billionaire??)

anyway… it was in the late 70s


good call, Hillary!!

Wow, old story. Been discussed in many threads. Post allocation of trades. Was simply a way to funnel money to HRC for favors. No investigation needed. Simply no other explanation possible. What’s a 100k today?