Regardless of this accounts origins I love how he put something about smelling female in the elevator while claiming he is depressed and stuff.

yea thats some hannibal lecter shit right there

Go /;:blush: yourself.I am depressed treat me with respect

I would call you out on this BS, if not for the possibility that you are actually depressed and would be driven to do something regrettable.

I put my feedback in the proper place.


I’m coming for you Hippo (need to watch my phrasing). Seriously though, this is just stupid. Hippo is a troll. What’s worse is he’s winning. Fucking pathetic.

Gotta respect yourself first; then, maybe others will respect you.

Hippo = RR

And sorry Bchad, flew off the handle with a certain sample of trolls from a certain geographical region.

go bathe in money yourself??

that’s all I read from that weird mix of characters