hiring day labourer

Anyone see those fellas outside of the local DIY store with their sandwiches ready to jump into the first truck that stops?.

I’m thinking about getting a couple of them tomorrow, paying rock bottom prices and getting them to do digging in the garden…as my back and knees are f*cked from all the work I’ve done at the house and garden.

The guys here are normally legal eastern europeans…I guess in the US it’s all mexicants.

Any tips for a fellow AF brother?

Learn how to speak an Eastern European language. My wife is a native Spanish speaker and gets the Latina discount whenever we hire a Latino worker for something.

In San Antonio, we have the McDonald’s on Santa Rosa street. Just tell them how many people you need and they’ll jump in your car.

Need them to paint? They’ll paint!

Need them to fix a fence? They’ll fix a fence!

Need them to speak English? Sorry. You’re outta luck.

But would they serve as extras in the upcoming summer blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge Part II: The Itera Strikes Back?

He is already planning on paying them the “rock bottom”.

I fixed the boards on my top deck this weekend and saw a few hanging out by homedepot. I considered it but wanted to learn how to do it myself.

Pokhim, if you lived in boston i would do it for you. No lie, i love manual labor and probably joined the wrong profession.

I hired 2 Albanians… must have been illegals although their English wasn’t too bad.

I asked them to dig 8inches deep of soil over a 30m2 patch of dirt, turn it remove all big rocks, glass and bricks, dig in a tonne of rotted horse manure and rake the ground flat…

Basically a job that I thought was going to take 5hr for 2 guys only took 3hrs…they were done by 11am and £70 richer. They kept cussing all the Polish and Romanians saying how lazy they were and how much they smoke… telling me how good the Albanian workers are etc…

Anyway… one they finished the raking… I asked them to do another job for me… make up cement and lay some patio.which they smashed out in an hr!! I’m telling you, it would have taken me a couple of weekends to do all that work and these guys plough thru it like a plough through alpha mum’s poon. every night of the week.


Albans are the last ppl i would ever hire. dudes are straight up loco.

every one i met before has been unstable to the 9th degree.

i would be worried they know where you live. prob come back to get their money since you underpaid them and straight up embarrassed them (shoveliing dung and w.e.).

these folks take that as an insult, no doubt. i bet they spent the night planning their revenge.

Na… i think they’re cool. I bought them fried chicken for lunch and a diet pepsi.

mmmmmm chicken

How dare you! Chicken is the sacred bird of Albania. You have not only insulted their honor, but desecrated their culture.

You could have gotten CvM just for this.

You watch too much movies haha. For real though, i hope you are joking bc i dated an albanian girl and broke her heart a few years back.

^ I hope you have your affairs in order…

Haha so let me get this sequence of events straight (in your mind):

The Albanians agree to a job, complete that job, get paid and leave without any problems. They then get home and think, “wait a minute… that was sh*t work. That guy was definitely f*cking with us. I hate that a*shole! Let’s go f*ck his life up!!!”

Is this normal Albanian behavior?

I’ve hired a couple workers to do misc yard work. although I got them from references from a construction friend who hired them before. just in case, to filter out the crazies

more like…hey man we need money and we are here illegally so we cant get a legit job. we need to make money but stay under the radar. this guy we know Artie says we can get cash jobs doing laborer work for rich folks. he says we just need to stand outside the home improvement store parking lot and someone will pick us up and give us a decent pay and treat us like humans.

here comes pokhim and offers them gbp70 and a nice meal for digging some holes and moving some dirt.

the nice guys buy his story since he looks well and drives a nice mid class suv (financed).

once they got to the house he immediately tells them to get to work digging ditches, shoveling dung, pulling weeds (with no gloves). while they are doing that they see him snapping pics of them on his phone and laughing to his wife about it. most likely they let this go…

then when they are done he tells them to lay cement on his driveway and if they dont he will report them to the authorities…this would drive most men over the edge but they let it go again.

finally after finishing the cement job he brings out leftover carcass of roasted chicken he been eating for lunch for the last few hours. now this finally drives them insane…being the ex criminals they are they start to plot how to get back at this guy. being ex special forces they wont act immediately but will plan their revenge precisely.

during lunch they start staking out the house and property for their revenge plan. they quickly see pokhim as an avid gardener who gets yelled by his wife every 10 minutes. the new cars and furniture leads them to conclude the dude spends all his money on material things and his wife and most likely has a cheap alarm system - score!.

the guy has no backbone so most likely kidnapping will be pretty easy as he wont fight back…so the plan is set in motion. they make small talk before leaving by belittling other nationalities to make it seem that everything is fine and build rapport so they wont be suspected…

they grab the gbp70 from him after he drops them off, smile and wave good bye…good bye indeed!

this is some of the funniest shit i read all week