Historic LIBOR rates

Bloomberg goes as far back as 1984. Is the “inception” of LIBOR or is this simply as far back as Bloomberg chooses to track this interest rate? Maybe the better question is when did LIBOR originate? Thanks, dea P.S. I put in a valiant effort on Google to no avail

1984? I would say the LIBOR rate as we know it started in 1986. Obviously, there was an interest rate before then but it was not the widely used benchmark with a polling process like it is now. I don’t know where they got those extra 2 years.

Thanks JDV. I did confirm with the British Bankers Association that, from their perspective, January 1986 is the date LIBOR started. There was 13-month trial period preceeding this which accounts for the data Bloomberg has in its historical records. Seacrest out