Historical Price of Coca-Cola (KO) on 2/1/1954

Hi All,

It is year end gifting time for clients, anybody has any idea how to find out KO’s price on 2/1/1954? FactSet only goes back to 1972, and my Bloomberg terminal was taken away this year given our low soft dollar allocation.


I would expect Yahoo to have it - but not totally certain. You might try there or, as an alternative, maybe try FRED (https://fred.stlouisfed.org/)

Yahoo! Finance goes back only to 2 Jan 1962. I already checked.

You might try CRSP to see if they can help you. Another option might be to contact the IR group at Coca Cola

BBG HP for that name only goes back to 1968 for me.

contact coca cola investor relations team.

Thanks everybody for the suggestion. I called KO IR and they were no help. Oh well!

When high-tech method fails, low-tech kicks in, I called up my local library and they have various newspaper on microfilm back to 1945. I am trying my luck over there. Thanks!

This will definitely work…

Why gift it?

Why not just die with it and bequest it? Then the heirs get the basis step-up.

BBG only goes back to 1/2/68: $0.6829

Try calling uncle buffet’s berkshire hathaway considering he is a big fan of KO. I am sure they can help you