Historical Sector P/Es

Anyone know where I can get a list of historical average P/Es by sector? Like I see that energy right now is under a 5 P/E but I want to see how that compares to a long-term average P/E to be able to tell if that is “cheap” or not.

This doesn’t cover the entire industry, but the PEBD function on bloomberg will pull up the PE Bands for a company. Perhaps if you input the appropriate industry index into the PEBD function, it would do the same. I don’t have access to a bloomberg at the moment so I’m not sure if using the index will work. Hope this helps.

Thanks, but I need to see a list of sectors and P/Es all at once. It would take me days to look up and hand-transcribe all the individual sectors and their numbers.

Yeah, that is what I am saying to do with the industry or sector indexes. If you look up each sector index’s code in bloomberg, and then input it into the PEBD function, it may give you that index’s historical PE bands. For example, if you wanted to look at Energy, you would look up the S&P 500 Energy Index’s code in Bloomberg, and use the PEBD function to see its PE bands. If you looked up each sector one at a time, it wouldn’t take you that long at all. Just repeat for Financials, Cyclicals, Healthcare, etc. Sorry if I did not explain this as clearly earlier. Disclaimer: I’m not sure that the PEBD function will do this with Index’s instead of individual companies, but it would only take you a few seconds to find out. I’d look but I don’t have access to a bloomberg at the moment. Hope this helps.