Hit a speed bump... HELP!

Hey guys, I am reaching out to you all for motivational and emotional support. I have currently done my preliminary studying of Quant/Ethics, Econ, and half of FSA… Was doing great had a plan to finish the FSA text by Sep. first, but for the past week, all my motivation to study disappeared! I haven’t read more than 50 pages in the past week and a half, and the thought of sitting down and reading about capitalization versus expensing is making me sick to my stomach! Can some of you guys share any experiences you have had with studying slumps and give me some advice on how to get out of them. Thank you so much to those who offer support. - Eric

If you have been working hard and at a fast pace to get to this point, you may possibly be seeing the effects of burn out. I’ve had days where I’ve studied for about ten or eleven hours, and then at the end of the day, my brain just couldn’t process another word–where I just could not read 2 or 3 more pages to finish a reading or LOS. So just relax, put the book down for a whole day. Firstly, you deserve it. Secondly, it’s an investment for future studying days–if you get your mind off of it for a whole day or even two you’ll be much more able to hit it hard after that. SS#9 in FSA is real tough, and you need to be mentally prepared and not in the state you’re at right now. Good luck.

think about $ – that tends to get me amped + on a 4th of 5th red bull.

What I would do in this situation is that I’ll pick whatever subject I feel like reading for now and go for that. I would come back to FSA any time whenever I got my spirit back. It is best if you could stick to study plan but if it really gives you a hard time it’s ok to be a little more flexible. Good luck.

Kudos to those who can knock out 50 pages+ or study 10 hrs+ @ a time!!! Yes, think of dollar sign is a good way to go. Those blinking $$$ can turn your eyes green, maybe. Also practice Yoga/pilates/breathing exercise may help to concentrate better. How to overcome distractions is really a bit hard - especially we’ll be all concerned and know who’ll be our next President this year, right before our CFA test date…

Your body and mind will do whatever you tell them to do. Just say F_#k you to your own weakness/laziness and do the damn work.

Taking a break for a day or two is a good idea in my opinion too. Do some outdoor activities or do some kind of exercise to get your mind completely off the curriculum. Hopefully that will refresh your mind. Good luck, you are ahead of me so you are doing really well.

daj224 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > think about $ – that tends to get me amped + on a > 4th of 5th red bull. LOL!

i took a break for almost a week, now ready to hit again from tommorow morning

I have these “study slumps” all the time. Flying through Econ or Ethics is pretty easy compared to FSA I think - FSA is hard work! Like McLeod81 it’s just a matter of forcing yourself to do it - the hardest part is starting. You need to get into a habit of doing it like brushing your teeth !

Eric. Stop studying start doing a ton of questions. Q-Bank, CFAI , etc. Then, look at major topics from a broad perspective, nailing down key topics. Continue doing questions. Read the explanations of the answers. As you approach do all the mock exams available and continue doing questions. You will pass.

Hmmm, maybe it’s not the best advice but I just keep on doing the stuff that interests me. I started with derivatives (because of an interview), then I went over to markets, equities and stuff. And I will keep Corporate Finance as a goodie for bad days. I think that intrinsic motivation/interest is the best motivator to learn. And as you are proceeding through the material you will develop a taste for the materials you’ve skipped (at least I hope so) and close the gaps. I’m doing it like this and enjoy studying. BUT ethics sucks. Can’t help. That bit*h has to be wiped out on the sprint to the finish :wink: As far as I found out the curriculum has no binding “story line” to follow… Any thoughts on that approach?! Keep on rocking guys…

after going through SS9, i hit a major bump and its been like month and i can’t finish the FSA Book. For all this i am going through, i would like to dedicate a song to SS9 … Killer 2000 by ATB.

Just take half a day release of whatever studies about, think about the time when you will get this designation and the grate coming career wish you the best

Think about this emotion: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=A-2GJRixxRI

What a better way to give yourself kick and get started, after long weekend - The Pursuit of Happyness

I hit a bump in the studying too. You can only push yourself so far (esp if you are working full time too!). Take a break. take a sat off and see your friends, get out the house, go to gym, whatever, just take your mind off of CFA! When you sit back down you should find your focus is back. goodluck!

Watch the entire movie ‘The pursuit of happyness’. You’ll learn that as long as we are dedicated to this ‘pursuit’, there are speed bumps in life.

try spreading your study time… i come to work really early and study from 7am-9am… then doing my lunch…i try to do some problems for 30 mins… after work… i chill eat for 30 and study from 6:15 - 9pm. if you spread your hours… it’s not that bad :slight_smile: 10 hours straight is freaking insane… mad props!

For me, I think about my current job and whether I want to spend the rest of my life doing this. Add in the 40K I spent on my grad degrees, plus the addional 2-3K I spent to pass Level 1 and it’s pretty easy to keep the motivation up. I do agree it’s best to take a day off from time to time. I’ve also found ways to “study” during leisure time by using the Schweser MP3’s in my Ipod. I can listen while at the beach, in the gym, etc.