Hit Taken! 29 days left and scoring 63 on mocks!!! Yikes

I took the December 2015 level 1 and was contemplating taking level 2 in 2017, but decided to sit for the 2016. Now, I’m rethinking that. I didn’t have time for the CFAI materials, so used Schweser.

Current Status: read all the Schweser notes, did both CFAI and Schweser EOC, completed 30% of Q bank, and 25% of CFAI topic tests. Took my first Schweser AM only mock and got 38/60 = 63.33%. Ughhhh! Even knowing half the answers should yield 66.67% (30 + 1/3*30 = 40).

Looking like an uphill battle? Any thoughts from experience folks?

Same here. Just keep plodding along till you hit above 70%+, I scored about 56/40% on the first 2 halves of my schweser mock, then my next one I averaged 76% between the two AM/PM sessions.

It will stick to you eventually, have patience and keep at it :slight_smile:

If you get 63% in the real exam it is probably a pass already.

Schweser has a bit different kind of questionary than CFAI as I can find. Took both and I am better in CFAI portal tests and CFAI Mock (taken 2 times) than on Schweser Mock. Maybe I calibrated my way of thinking to be familiar with CFAI kind of questionary. Anyway, can conclude that I currently cover about 60 % of materal and this ratio is stable. Is it enough? I don’ t know but I am quite sure that is not comparable with L1 exam preparing while in this phase I did cover about 80 % of material.

You still have a month left. Keep going. Keep at it. I think you are in pretty good shape just keep putting in the time. Like others said - I bet a 63 on the real deal would pass. I think if you keep studing your trouble areas you can improve 10 pts by the first week in June.

where do you guys buy other mocks? I mean apart from Schweser

There are other providers, in this very forum you can find the most popular, follow the links!

Thanks for the comments folks. On another note, highly recommend watching Showtime’s “Kobe Bryant’s Muse.” Highly inspirational. I always found sports related movies can motivate me in sports, but now that I don’t play competively, I can still channel sports related motivational films to my studying.

Same goes for me, I watch motivational videos from time to time if I want to push through with all the studying. Heck, during my way to work and on my way back from work all I think about is how nice it would feel after the exam knowing that you most likely passed! That’s all I think!! That helps me a lot and I keep pushing!

I started to study early march, having started another job and having not so much time to study at the moment. I even didn’t start to do mocks… I am doing CFA topics on the website to review the material after having just finished the readings.

Are the mocks much different from CFA topis con the website?

CFAI full Mock exam vignettes are much more straightforward, less complicated and events saturated as average topic only CFAI vignette on portal.

The problem with CFAI Mock is there is only one which not covers more than 25 % of curriculum. On the other hand, CFAI topic vignettes cover entire topic thoroughly. Doing full Mock AM and PM at the same day (with 1,5 break within sessons) helps to practicing form and concentration, not only knowledge.

Hi Flashback, are you saying that CFAI Mock exam are easier than CFAI (website) topic vignette?


Correct. The manner of questionary is the same (unlike the manner of questionary in Schweser Mocks) but vignettes in CFAI Mock I find quite more simpler (less saturated by events) compared to vignettes in portal topic tests. Anyway, in my opinion exercising solving full Mock in the real exam conditions (within one day with pause 1-1,5 h between sessions) also help in concetration training as well as in time managememt training. Thus solving Mocks in a home-made real exam conditions is not only solely the knowledge exercising. That’s how I see the situation.

Otherwise, I agree in all other points with others.

Yes I agree, but since I have just finished the readings I first need to review all the topics before start with mocks. I know I am late, but I did know this since from the beginning.

Yepp. All of us who have started in this year (January/February) are quite behind those started last year in October or even earlier. This is the problem with December L1 term.

I started in march… :slight_smile: