Holiday gifts for boss or manager

Who here thinks it is a good idea to get a holiday gift for a boss or manager? What might be some suggested items or monetary range?

I work at a a small company (fewer than 25 employees) and we all know each other. I am happy at my current situation and have also performed well this year. I feel compelled to express gratitude but don’t want to seem like I’m trying to earn any favors or that he should somehow feel obligated to reciprocate. I was thinking perhaps a token gift (< $40) might be in store, or at least a hand-written holiday card.

We are not a big investment bank and therefore there are no compliance issues or red-tape regarding gift-giving. It is really a simple matter of whether it is the “right thing” to do from a corporate culture/politics standpoint.

It seems weird to me. I would never give my boss a present unless the boss invited me to a wedding or something like that. I would also not want to get a present from someone who reports to me. Unless it was something like cookies that were being given to other people as well. If you are the type that just really gets into the holiday spirit and plan to get gifts for and send cards to many of the people in the office, I guess you could include your boss as well.

A hand-written card expressing gratitude is something I would value if the employee gave it to me on their last day in the office or after I spent many hours writing MBA recommendations. But a “here are all the reasons I love working for you” card while the person still reported to me would just seem like transparent kissing up.

I work in a small group, I’m getting my boss a box of salted caramels from woot (he has kids + wife, so figured that’d work) - the other two superiors in my group I’ll probably get a ~$35-50 bottle of wine.

When I worked in a smaller company it was normal to give gifts. Assuming the gift reciever drinks, wine or a liquor you know they enjoy is a good, safe way to go. And, they’ll definitley appreciate it. While we’re in the business of risk taking, this is an area where the safe choice is the best. It’s the gesture that counts, no reason to take excessive risk.

I generally get my boss a bottle of single malt scotch, usually Glenmorangie 18 year. I don’t drink scotch myself though, so I’ve relied on the advice of friends and relatives for what’s good. Any thoughts from the folks in the know here?

How about a coupon for 75% off on Numi Career Consulting? That should go over well with the boss. :wink:

Alternately, a commemorative bronze plaque listing out all the money he or she made with each (positive only) investment idea of yours that he or she implemented. Then write: world’s greatest boss!

More seriously, chocolates or other edibles usually do the trick.

or you could bring him an apple?

the whole thing just sounds awkward to me. maybe a fine bottle of wine or a single malt if he’s really into to wine or whisky

It strikes me as odd to give your boss a gift for Christmas. I have never done this, but it sounds like it may be more common than I realize. I expect it would be the opposite. I would expect the boss to give you a gift for helping him generate all that alpha.

no homo?

A resignation letter is the best gift you betas could ever think of giving to your boss. jk yall, i go with a package from every year, sucking up to the max.


Correction, used fleshlight.

It seems like you should only give your boss a gift if you give everyone a gift. Otherwise, it looks like “sucking up to the max”. Maybe make an exception if the boss works much, much closer to you than anyone else.

Usually, the point of Secret Santa things is to allow people to give gifts without appearing like they are sucking up or have to buy the entire office a gift.

That said, I am really liking my commemorative plaque idea. I’m just wondering whether its better to engrave your winning investment ideas in percentages or dollar figures.

i just googled what that is at work. i really should have known better

are they considered a loophole for the no fappers?

Maybe give the boss a signed and framed picture of yourself signed XOXO.


Just get me a gift card to Dinosaur BBQ.


Your Boss (No Homo)

I would go with this. Or a bottle of a good wine if he is into it…

never buy a gift for your boss - they make enough money to buy their own shit, and it also makes you look like a suck ass

don’t do it!

I definitely get what you’re saying. For sure I’m closer with my boss than I am with anyone else here. I am pretty confident I’m in my boss’ good graces, and as far as performance goes, I think it has exceeded everyone’s expectations including my own. So, while I don’t “need” to give anything, but thought it would be a nice gesture. I feel I have been treated fairly for my contributions to date, and the firm does seem to be a place where I could be a long-term career.