Holla back Young'n (Woooo Woooo!). A holla a day keeps the doctor away.


WE OUT HERE RESPECTING WOMEN - best comment ever

Why does it have to be “I find you attractive so I want to introduce myself?” The dude would increase his results ten fold if he just bothered to half ass a lead in like, “I see you come here often.” Or commented about her airpods/watch/workout routine or something to do with the place or activity.

Back when I was single, the old “Your are pretty, wanna smush smush?” worked just about every time. He should try that.

^has to be a lie

anyways i think directness is important cuz if a chick has a bf, i dont want to waste my time with small talk.

i use this line

  1. hey, i think ur pretty. uhhh how you doing (usually hows your night going)? usually i get a yes or no here.

  2. have you been here before? chit chat about hte place where shes from what she likes. ask if she wants to dance.

  3. grope here grope there. make out. get number.

anyways lets talk numbers.

i holler a lot. maybe 20x per week. roughly takes 5 hours. all in the weekend. all at or outside a club. of the 20, id say 4 to 8 are down to dance. i usually get 2 to 4 numbers. maybe 0 to 2 respond back.

my numbers i admit are pretty bad, but i holler at some of the baddest chicks, like top 10% of the location. i can easily improve the numbers by lowering the standards.

^my man

A stranger saying “Hey I think you’re pretty” as a lead in at the bar/club is different than saying it at school, work, gym, or on the street which is what this redditor said he is doing. Got mad respek for a homie willing to play the odds but there are ways to improve those odds.